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Meet Mr Fab. Mr Fab runs a small company

Mr Fab sells designer clothes for men and women through his Retail Shop in "Silicon" Batley & through his website.

Mr. Faab Friends

Mr Fab wants to increase his Social presence

He wants to build his brand awareness on Social Media platforms and wants to engage with his fans and followers.

Mr Fab has an account with Baskyt

To save time and money Mr Fab has uploaded his websites product feed and set-up a schedule to update it every day. Now Mr Fab can set-up schedules to run his Social Media marketing on Autopilot.

Product Schedule

Mr Fab can SELL from Social Media Platforms

Mr Fab's fans and followers can now buy designer clothes directly from the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn status in a single click. His followers only have to click on unique "" url which acts as a "BuyNow" button on Social status. button

Mr Fab is in Control

He can also engage with his followers by managing his profile streams, tracking keyword mentions and promoting his blog.

Social Streams
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Mr Fab manages his Orders in Baskyt

Mr Fab can manage orders, products, prices, quantities and can also push out statuses manually to promote products or set a schedule.

Mr. Faab as Hero

Mr Fab Business is Growing and he is loving his work

As more and more people are engaging with him on Social Platforms, he has increased his footfall in his retail shop and also visitors to his website. Mr Fab's fans are spreading the word. Mr. Fab can now Relax and can plan his next holiday. Oh and he can run his Social Media marketing while on Holiday from Anywhere, Anytime on AnyDevice.

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