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Social Media for E-retailers

Use statuses not just for updates but to Sell Products and Services.

Bask.yt is a SaaS solution designed and developed for e-commerce retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Sell from your status

A unique and magical solution that allows e-retailers to sell directly from their Social Media Status and Bask.yt marketplace.. Allow your "Fans" & "Followers" to BUY directly from the Status.

Target your fans Worldwide

Use Bask.yt's innovative solution to target your customers, fans, followers anytime, anywhere around the World.

World's only tool which Auto updates status and allows you to sell your Products.

Single Product Feed

Manage all your social profile through a single product feed.

Manage Products, Price, Stock, Orders, Shipping.

Bask.yt a unique Social Commerce tool

New Social Commerce

Bask.yt is the creator of 4th Market opportunity

Status to Payment in a single click. Customise your product offerings around your social profiles.

Keyword monitoring

Monitor your brands keywords automatically. Good or bad, never miss the opportunity to engage with your fans.

Per-profile customisation

Queue and schedule your status settings at the profile level allowing you to customise and tailor your social media marketing for each unique audience.

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Telephone: +44 1924 521521

Email: hello@bask.yt

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Twitter - 90%
Facebook - 90%
LinkedIn - 0%
Google+ - 60%
Help & Support - 100%

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Telephone: +44 1924 521521
Email: hello@bask.yt

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